In order to request funds to attend a professional development activity, please follow the following procedures:

  1. Complete a Request to Attend Professional Development form. A building principal’s signature is required on the request form.
  2. Attach a copy of the registration form and/or an agenda/itinerary to the Request to Attend Professional Learning form.
  3. Submit the request and accompanying paperwork to the Melissa Amon at least two weeks prior to the registration deadline.
  4. Once the request is processed, teachers will be notified via email of the approval status.
  5. Registration for the event will be completed from central office once all appropriate paperwork is in place and approved.
  6. A copy of the purchase order will be sent back to the originating teacher via email once registration for the event is complete.
  7. Copies of certificates of completion should be submitted to Janice Cooper for posting to professional development records. Please be sure the documentation clearly shows your name, the title of the event, the date of the event, and the number of professional development hours that should be awarded.
  8. Employees who are approved for professional development funds may be required to submit an evaluation of the professional development activity to Melissa Amon.
  9. All employees who are approved for professional development funds will be entered into a database of professional development topics for possible future in-district presentation.