Every year the Oklahoma State Department of Education requires educators and support staff across the State of Oklahoma to complete a number of modules of professional development on a variety of topics. On August 1st (or the first working day in August), you will receive a personalized email outlining the required professional development modules you are required to complete.  You are required to only complete those modules listed in your personalized email.  Your list may be different from your colleagues depending on your years of experience, professional development record, and subject area taught. 

To access the online modules:

  1. Use one of the two OPSRC links in the left column of this page to access the site.  If you made an account last year (existing user).  If you are new to the district (new user). 
  2. Enter your login credentials.  Your username will be your @cushing.k12.ok.us email address. 
  3. Click Login. 
  4. On the left side of the page, click Course Library. 
  5. You will see a full list of classes, click on the module that you need to complete. 
  6. Once inside the module, click on 'Start this course'.
  7. Once you have finished the module, you do NOT need to print the certificate. 
  8. Follow this process until you have finished all of the modules listed on your customized list. 
  9. Once all modules have been completed, use this form to record your points. 

If you have any questions regarding required professional development, contact Melissa Amon.