Cushing Public Schools believe that a program of professional learning is, “a set of purposeful, planned actions and the support system necessary to achieve the identified goals. Effective [professional learning] programs are ongoing, coherent, and linked to student achievement” (Killion, 2008, p. 11). The professional learning committee will work with district and building administration to provide high quality, relevant professional learning opportunities to meet the needs of our teachers, administrators, counselors, and other staff. As it is often difficult to move from theory to practice, district and building administration will provide support to staff to facilitate the implementation of best practices across the district.

The professional learning plan for Cushing Public Schools is based on several assumptions:

  1. Professional learning is a shared responsibility between teachers, administrators, the board of education, parents, and a number of cooperating agencies such as the Oklahoma State Department of Education, institutes of higher learning, and other educational agencies which have as their purpose the enhancement of professional educators’ ability to perform the role assignment for which they have been contracted.
  2. Professional learning is a continuous, essential component of successful school districts.
  3. Professional learning must be timely, relevant, and applicable to the varied needs of today’s teachers and administrators.

Professional learning activities will be based on district goals for continuous improvement and will support the district’s mission and vision.

Goals for Continuous Improvement

Goal One – To increase the effective use and analysis of both formative and summative student data.

Goal Two – To increase the integration of technology in the classroom.

Goal Three – To reduce the achievement gap between student sub-groups.

Goal Four – To provide a safe, orderly environment for all students, teachers, administrators, and other school staff.

Goal Five - To increase collaboration between teachers at both the site and district level.

Goal Six - Increased alignment of curriculum.