Currently there are two Technology Department Request for Proposals Available.

2019 Chromebook RFP

2019 Digital Multi-Function Device RFP

Chromebook RFP Submitted Questions

No questions were submitted for this RFP by the deadline outlined in the Issued RFP. As a result, no responses are available.

Are you willing to accept emailed submissions? If so is there a certain way you would like us to address your “two signed copies” requirement?

Email is acceptable for the Chromebook RFP response.  Signed copies may be submitted as scanned PDF version of document.

Digital Multi-Function RFP Submitted Questions

  1. I just read through the RFP and I see them print volumes for each machine but do you have a certain amount of copies included in your current lease?Example: 10,000 Black and White printed sheets of paper for High School Work room copier included per month-anything over that you are charged and billed monthly.

             Current lease does not include any number of copies.  All pages passed through the device are billed.

  2. Under Requirements, Number 17.  All Machines Features must exceed the currently deployed devices.  [Company Name] will be recommending and responding to the RFP with [Brand Name] devices. [Brand Name] has a 45 page per minute and a 55 page per minute option. Does Cushing wish [Company Name] to respond with the most LIKE device (45 page per minute versus 46 page per minute) or a device that exceeds the current speed. The different in price difference is considerable.

           All devices proposed must exceed the current machine specifications.