Low Cost Internet Service Options

Cushing Public Schools do not receive any benefit, endorse any any of the following internet providers, or encourage the use of one over the other.  The following information is for informational purposes only to families who might be eligible for low cost internet access in the Cushing, OK area.

Access from AT&T

Altice Advantage Internet

Mailing from Altice (Suddenlink)

COVID-19 Technology Incentives (from Oklahoma State Department of Education)

Cushing Public Schools strives to use the latest technology to enhance student learning, engagement, and achievement. 1:1 provides every student with a personal device to explore and utilize educational resources both inside and outside the classroom – from accessing class content and textbooks online to communicating and collaborating with classmates and teachers. With 1:1, students have the best teacher-facilitated instruction combined with the best technology at their fingertips!

Student experiences are being taken to new levels that engage and prepare them for their future. Students will have access to information and creative resources to present their knowledge, understanding, and application of the content they learn throughout the school year in each class. Skills learned through the use of Chromebooks, TeacherEase, and the Google Education Suite will guide them to success in future learning and career opportunities because they will become knowledgeable and proficient users of today's technology.