CMS Devices


Cushing Middle School (CMS) will continue its success in digital learning through 1:1. Your student is fortunate to already have invaluable experience with their Chromebook and digital learning - which will continue throughout their career at CPS.


The CPS Chromebook Care Plan has been established to give parents peace of mind through the ability to purchase insurance and provide support for the student device and accessories. If purchased, the care plan will cover the repair or replacement costs of the Chromebook and charge cord. The cost for protection is only $20 for students in grades 8-12 and $15 for students in grades 2-7. Coverage lasts for the academic year.

The Care Plan is voluntary, but families are highly encouraged to participate. To enroll in the Chromebook Care Plan, click here.

Please keep in mind that if insurance is not purchased at the time of device acceptance, parents/guardians are responsible for the full cost of any repair or replacement of all damage to or loss of the Chromebook and accessories. Please read the details in the Chromebook Care Plan to learn more about the various costs associated with the student devices.  Estimated repair costs can be found here.