Student Activities, Clubs, and Organizations

Students are encouraged to participate in the many activities, clubs, and organizations available at Cushing Public Schools.  Activities, clubs, and organizations meet at the request of the sponsor outside of normal school hours. 

Athletics help our students grow, learn, and enjoy themselves while they use and develop their personal, physical, and intellectual skills.  Athletics instill habits which will lead students to better and healthier lives. 

Athletic Director: 
Bobby Hoover
Assistant Athletic Director:  Silas Guerrero
Cross Country: 
Josh Greer
Football: Grant Powell
Silas Guerrero
Grant Powell
Boys’ Basketball: 
Silas Guerrero
Girls’ Basketball: 
Josh Greer
Kyle Fry
Boys’ Track: 
Girls’ Track: 
David Tarp
Erikah Hancock


Academic Teams provide students the opportunity to use their knowledge in curriculum areas to compete in academic bowls and tournaments.

Sponsors: Cynthia Cotton and Sharen Smith

Band including beginning band, intermediate band, and concert band, provides students the opportunities to participate in a variety of school activities, including athletic events.  The band attends competitions throughout the school year and students have the opportunity to audition for honor bands.

Sponsor: Jullian Jussila

Cheerleading membership in cheerleading is based upon spring tryouts.  Summer camp and summer practices are required.

 Sponsor:  Erikah Hancock


Choir students with an interest in singing and performing find a large number of activities to attend while participating in choir.  These include performances at district and state levels, as well as competitions at other schools.  Attendance is a must for all competitions and performances

Sponsors:  Belinda Flynn and David Tarp

Drama/Speech/Debate promotes interscholastic debate, oratory, public speaking, and performance.

Sponsor:  Kristin Tarp

Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America promotes leadership within the community through various volunteer projects.

Sponsor:  Christie Malone

Student Council is a service-oriented group that strives to help our campus function and prosper.

 Sponsor:  Kristin Tarp


Yearbook takes photos and creates the yearbook for the middle school each year. 

 Sponsor:  Courtney Huseman